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Nakamba wishes injured Jaure well

by BustopTV

By staff reporter

Aston Villa and Warriors midfielder, Marvelous Nakamba, has wished injured Dynamos Captain and fellow national team player, Partson Jaure a speedy recovery.

Jaure was involved in a car crash Sunday morning near Prince Edward School in the capital.

He lost control of his vehicle which rammed into a tree.

Nakamba took to twitter to relay his message through his official handle, @Nakamba11.

“Partson Jaure my brother, I’m Praying for your speedy recovery and strength throughout this challenging episode of your life. I can’t wait to see you swing back to your normal self once again. Get well soon my fellow Warrior🙏”

Nakamba also posted a picture of him with Jaure during the Warriors camp in late 2019 when they played Botswana and Zambia in head to head flashes.

The Herald carried an update of Jaure’s injury where Dynamos team doctor, Robert Musara said, “Partson is out of danger. CT scans have been done and they revealed a depressed skull fracture but the good thing is that there is no internal haemorrhage, there is no internal bleeding which is a positive thing to start with.

X-rays have also been done and there are no cracks on his spine and it’s again an encouraging thing. Gradually, he is regaining consciousness and we expect more positive developments as from tomorrow (today) since the doctors are busy attending to him.

The skull fracture is not as serious as previously feared. It might take a bit of time for him to recover but it’s something that we expect he will eventually overcome. We hope for the best and we will hear more from the doctors that are attending to him,” said Musara.

It is suspected that he was driving under the influence of alcohol as pictures of him drinking with friends surfaced on social media after his accident.

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