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Musician helps singles find perfect match

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

When people seem to be stuck in solitude in terms of relationships, African cultures and sometimes Western cultures tend to worry and virtually create room to hook people up.

In the same vein, gospel musician, Best Masinire, hosted a singles gig dubbed “Type yangu” on February 22 and the gig had many followers.

Bustop TV caught up with Masinire who said that he was overwhelmed by the turn-up.

“The event was a huge success. It was attended by over 200 couples and singles. Among them where radio and television personalities, business people, artists and professionals.

” It was sponsored by Infinix Mobile, Mr Laptops, Firewox, Clearworld Cleaners, Vessel of Honour and Fayie Electronics,” he said.

He noted that they had an agenda to talk about dating in Christianity.

“One of the agendas of the Type Yangu Concert is to demystify the myth that Christianity is associated with boredom and lack. I can say that the event we had is the first of the many events we are going to have throughout the country.

“We want to create a culture of fun for Christian couples through these Type Yangu concerts. We have noted that so many Christian marriages are breaking and through these concerts, we will be addressing such issues. We are taking these concerts as an evangelism tool.

“Through the free distribution of Christian materials such as the Rhaphsody of Realities. This is because we know that for marriages and courtships to really stand people need the word of God more than anything,” Masinire said.

Masinire has had his music playing in Nigeria through his parent church’s television network, Loveworld. His song, Yanaya Mangu launched him into stardom and has since shared stages with gospel giants like Flem B, Martin PK and more.

Masinire said that the event will go to other places given the response he received on the first event.

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