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Multichoice launches four new channels on DSTV

by BustopTV

By Own Correspondent.

Four new channels are being launched on DStv during November, adding to the variety of information, entertainment and education content available to subscribers.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe publicity and public relations manager Liz Dziva said the new additions were children’s educational channel  Da Vinci, factual information channel CuriosityStream, crime investigation channel CBS Justice and well-known news provider Euronews.

Da Vinci came on stream on November 12, while the other three channels launched on November 21. Euronews was previously available only to DStv viewers in West and East Africa, but is now available to Southern African subscribers, too.

The new channels come to DStv soon after MultiChoice reached an agreement with A+E to extend the carriage contract for History and Lifetime which continue to air on DStv .

Da Vinci is named after, and inspired by, the famous artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. The channel seek to satisfy young people’s interest in the world around them, from science and arts to innovation and creativity. Family audiences will enjoy its range of fun educational programming filled with humour, imagination and meaningful educational information.

 CuriosityStream is an award-winning global channel delivering factual entertainment, launched by John Hendricks, the visionary founder of Discovery Channel. A wide range of films and series will cover topics a diverse as space, art, volcanoes, history, travel, cars, architecture, dinosaurs and more. Shows from some of the best filmmakers around the world include Deep Time History, the History of Food, Age of Big Cats, Breakthrough and many others.

Looking at some of the world’s most compelling true crime stories, CBS Justice is a joint venture between AMC Networks International and CBS Studios International, featuring a carefully chosen selection of original and acquired programming. The launch line up of CBS Justice will include original productions The Real Prime Suspect, Donal MacIntyre’s Murder Files, Secrets of a Psychopath and Evidence of Evil, as well as acquisitions Cold Justice, Fame Kills and Stalker. Presenters will include experts such as Jackie Malton (The Real Prime Suspect), the real-life inspiration behind Helen Mirren’s character in the award-winning UK drama Prime Suspect, and undercover investigative journalist and professor of criminology, Donal MacIntyre (Donal MacIntyre’s Murder Files).

Euronews is Europe’s premier international news channel, delivering 24/7 news to almost 400 million households in 160 countries. Euronews is available in 12 distinct language editions and has a strong presence on digital platforms.

 “We are excited by the new thrust and range of programming provided by the new channels and we know they will quickly find audiences in Zimbabwe, eager for additional world-class content,” said Ms Dziva.

 Visit www.dstv.com for find out more about the channels, including which bouquets they can be found on.

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