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Mukuru, Zororo-Phumulani pay for Matric whiz-kid tuition

by BustopTV

By Correspondent

Mukuru and Zororo Phumulani companies have contributed towards Triphin Mudzvengi’s first year tuition at South Africa’s, Witwatersrand University after she failed to get a scholarship in the neighbouring country.

Mudzvengi who passed her Matric with flying colours could not afford to go for tertiary education and as a Zimbabwean national did not qualify for South African bursaries.

She is now studying civil engineering at the prestigious university.

Apart from paying her fees, Zororo Phumulani provided Mudzvengi with a laptop and will be giving her monthly allowances.

She expressed her gratitude towards the companies and all other sponsors who are helping achieve her dream.

“Mukuru is in the process of paying R100 000 towards my fees and Zororo-Phumulani gave me a laptop and a monthly stipend of R3 500.

I am very grateful for their support and all other people who came to my rescue.

Although I attained good grades (seven As) I was not eligible to apply any South African bursary given that I am a foreigner and my parents could not afford to fund my education at university,” she said.

Mudzvengi revealed that she was going to switch chemical engineering which she initially wanted to enroll for.

“I am currently studying civil engineering but I will be changing the programme to chemical engineering next year since it was the one I initially applied for. I was not able to enroll with the chemical engineering class due to last registration.”

Zororo-Phumulani’s assistance came as part of its initiative to support the underprivileged who come out with flying colours at matric level.

Those who would want to benefit from the programme can send applications to [email protected].

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