Home Politics Mujuru , Mnangwagwa in secret pact .

Mujuru , Mnangwagwa in secret pact .

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira
Impeccable sources say the former vice President who is also NPP leader Dr Joice Mujuru is warming up to Mnangwagwa’s offer to rejoin ZANU PF.

Sources at shake shake building reveal that Mai Mujuru met with President Mnangagwa were she was given an offer to return to ZANU PF.

Exiled former ZANU PF spin doctor Professor Jonathan Moyo writing on his twitter handle spilled the beans .
” #DesperatelySeekingJoice
After having led and coordinated Joice Mujuru’s ouster from 2008 until he succeeded her as Vice President in Dec 2014, Emmerson Mnangagwa has put the cat among the pigeons by offering Mujuru the VP post currently held by Chiwenga. She’s happy to accept! ”
However Amai Mujuru as she is fondly known refuted the allegations by tweeting back at Jonathan
“You are surely misinformed”

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