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Mugabe urges ZACC to decentralize

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Chief Matubede Mudavanhu Mugabe said the Zimbabwe Anti Corrupt Commission must decentralize to all areas especially those that are not easily accessible.

He said this at the Stakeholders Consultative meeting on the National Anti- corruption strategy today at Chevron hotel.

The decentralization will help a lot of people understand the issue of corruption.

“The problem is that we do not know about you, not everyone does know about you because you are not familiarizing yourself with all the people especially those in communities. Come and visit all areas especially those in the non reachable areas because corruption is everywhere it does not target certain individuals,” said Mugabe.

Chief Mugabe said there are places being ignored; those are the areas they (ZACC) should go as even some chiefs are also corrupt when dealing with customary laws

“There are traditional ways of tackling certain issues, and by so doing chiefs can be corrupt too but because people in the community do not know they will just agree and again they do not know where they should report too because they do not have the knowledge.

“ZACC should familiarize themselves with the communities for them to be known and become effective. Even the car you use should be branded, people should be able to identify you without being told by anyone,” said Mugabe.

The workshop which was organized by Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission under the title Development of the national anti-corruption strategy had the objective to provide all participants with a forum to discuss, share experience, provide guidance and devise a national strategy to fight against corruption in all sectors of our economy and the society at large.

The aim of the workshop was to solicit ideas and guidance from stakeholders on how to prevent and combat corruption, to enhance good corporate governance business ethics and ease of doing business in all the sectors of the economy.

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