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Mthwakazi writes to Biden for the re-instauration of Ndebele Kingdom

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Own Correspondent

SECESSIONIST Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has escalated its bid to restore the Mthwakazi Kingdom through an appeal to newly elected American President Joe Biden to use his world influence to grant their wishes.

The party, through its president Mqondisi Moyo, recently wrote to Biden pleading with him to use the superpower’s influence in the United Nations Security Council to lobby for the restoration of the Ndebele kingdom.

Moyo stated this in his appeal letter to Biden dated 5 February 2021, “I will briefly take you back in time. Our kingdom State was undemocratically robbed of its independence by heavy military attacks by the British South African Company led by Cecil John Rhodes towards the end of the eighteen century.
“This occurred when the said Company militarily defeated our King Lobengula’s army and overran Bulawayo with sophisticated weaponry of the time, the Maxim gun.

“Later, the Privy Council of the United Kingdom, in cahoots with some other apparatus within the British Parliament, then sealed our fate in 1921 through the Rule by Conquest provision.”

The MRP president said the appeal to Biden was guided by the standing resolution of the UN with regards to the autonomy and self-determination of all minority groups whose human rights were being denied and their dignity trampled upon by their countries’ majority ethnic groups anywhere in the world.

“Knowing the standing UN resolutions on the rights of self-determination by all people groups in the world, we implore you Mr President to support us achieve the restoration of our Statehood which our king (Lobhengula) using what he knew about modern states got the Kingdom registered in the league of nations, the predecessor of the United Nations.

“Our confidence to pursue the restoration agenda of our kingdom state lies in the standing United Nations Resolutions on stateless nations in the world and the systematic nation –based human rights violations we have experienced within the State of Zimbabwe since 1980,” said Moyo.

Under present Zimbabwe, Moyo said Ndebele speaking people were being mistreated by the government.

“We believe we are a valid case for the intervention by the United Nations to create a two-state solution to end our mistreatment by Zimbabweans.

“This is why your intervention is the only humane path and hope for us as a people.  We address our plight to you sir because you have assumed leadership of a country which is a significant player in global affairs as well as being a permanent member of the influential UN’s Security Council.

“On the strength of this virtue, your voice carries weight in international affairs, whereas ours as an oppressed nation is just a mere whisper in the wind,” further wrote Moyo.

The party also wrote to new Jersey Senator, Cory Booker appealing for his intervention.

MRP has also petitioned the government and other regional and international bodies such as United Nations and African Union over the restoration of the Mthwakazi kingdom.

The party accuses the British government of fighting against the Mthwakazi Kingdom restoration cause.

According to Moyo, the Mthwakazi kingdom is made up of Aba-Thwa, San, Asians, Chewa, Nyanja, coloureds, BaKalanga, Karanga of Mthwakazi, Nambya, Nguni, Shangwe, Dhombe Sotho, Tonga, Tswana, BaVenda, BaLemba, BaSankwe, BaHlengwe, White African and Xhosa tribes.

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