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MP to donate towards borehole repairs

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Zaka central, Member of Parliament, Davison Svuure has said that he is going to fund borehole repairs in his constituency to ensure people get water during the national lockdown.

Svuure said he had noted that there are so many broken boreholes in his constituency which poses a challenge for the people who fail to access water.

Clean water remains one of the necessary provisions during the global pandemic as people are urged to practise good personal hygiene, washing hands regularly.

“I also noticed that in the same line of water provision there are so many broken boreholes in my constituency but our government department that is responsible for the repairing of those boreholes, the DDF is incapacitated and does not have enough resources to do that at the moment.

So l moved in and helped in providing simple spares that l can afford like the leather seals as they are the ones that are mostly broken in most boreholes. So l have a few l am going to take down and donate to DDF for them to get incapacitated to repair the boreholes and improve on the water provision and accessibility,” he said.

Svuure also said that he noticed that people in rural areas are facing challenges in terms of good hygiene.

“One of the thing that is also being encouraged is personal hygiene which is washing of hands all the times and a simple soap in our rural constituencies can be a real problem and l am going to make sure that l provide soap at health institutions and various other centres so that they can be able to wash whoever comes in and goes out as it is also a recommendation by the World Health Organisation,” he said.

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