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Model gives back to the community

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Reigning Miss Entrepreneurship and Miss Heroes, Nyasha Matanha 24 has engaged in charity work.

She recently made donations at Capota School for the Blind and Denga Primary school.

The beauty queen said the move was motivated by her own life experiences.

“My life experiences compel me to give back to the community, l want someone to look at me one day and say because of you I did not quit.

So I want to be a motivation to the others in my community and be a better person. Mother Theresa’s quote ” It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving, that makes the world a better place” inspired me to give.

I will continue giving and helping the less privileged and those living with disabilities,” she said.

After donating toiletries, Matanha helped the pupils plant trees.

“I donated tissues and helped them plant trees at Capota School of the blind. I observed that people donate food stuffs and forget toiletries and l felt the need to cover the gap.

I also donated trees for the love of environment.

I am promoting sustainable development by donating trees, let us go green.

I have also paid school fees for a Grade 7 pupil at my former primary school, Denga Primary,” she added.

She is looking forward to making more donations in the future.

“I feel like I have just started and l am yet to donate bigger and better, I will donate to other schools but i will mainly be focusing on the schools with physical disabilities.

I will also pay school fees for less privileged children in my community,” she said.

Matanha has put her modelling career as she is focusing on other commitments.

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