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Mnangagwa Slammed For Dishing Out Cars To Useless POLAD

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Zimbabweans have roundly condemned President Mnangagwa’s penchants for unnecessary spending after dolling out 19 state of the art luxurious Isuzu off-roader cars to 2018 Presidential losing candidates.

The vehicles which are said to be for POLAD activities will belong to the members after three years.

However, the move has irked many with Mnangagwa unnecessary spending becoming talk of the town.

Political and social commentator, Nickson Museyamwa condemned government for dishing out cars to POLAD members.

“Government is dishing out top of the range vehicles to election losers. A bunch of losers have been given a fancy name called POLAD. What a waste of precious resources. We have more pressing issues as a country. Dishing out 23 cars to losers isn’t one of them. Schools do not have PPE, schools are struggling to get basics yet we have the luxury of spending over a million USD on cars. We have pensioners who are earning a paltry Zwl2000(USD13) but we still have the luxury of splashing money on cars,” he said.

For South Africa based political analyst, Frank Chauke the move by President Mnangagwa’ administration is ill informed.

“He (Mnangagwa) appetite for cars and pleasing loosers committee inform of polad is astounding. Do you know that as I am typing now Chitungwiza Central hospital is operating without an ambulance and the state of the ICU is not quite pleasing. My question is is POLAD necessary?”

Prominent journalist cum fierce governmment critic, Hopewell Chin’ono questioned government’s priorities amid a pandemic.

“Zimbabwe is in the middle of a Pandemic and deadly 3rd wave, yet Mnangagwa is taking State money to buy cars for his Polad puppets!.What kind of President does this?

“It is literally insulting the citizens who are going to bed on empty stomachs! The Youths MUST register to Vote!”

South Africa-based Zimbabwean entrepreneur, Mutumwa Mawere, said that the move was evidence of state capture.

“Political losers being rewarded what are the legal and constitutional questions that arise from this discretionary use of public power?”

Academic Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya described POLAD as a useless grouping which doesn’t deserve the honor.

“POLAD!!!!! You will see its usefulness to ZANU PF in 2023. They will be the first to line up congratulating any fraudulent outcomes and ZANU PF will say all political parties accept its fraud!”

Opposition Transform Zimbabwe leader Mr Jacob Ngarivhume said, “It is exceedingly irresponsible to use public funds for a program that the majority of Zimbabweans do not believe in” .

While dishing out cars to POLAD members President Emmerson Mnangagwa extended an invitation to MDC-T leader, Douglas Mwonzora to join the platform.

He said Mwonzora was now the leader of the opposition in the house therefore, qualifies to be in POLAD although he was not a presidential candidate in the 2018 elections.

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