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“Mnangagwa Must Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity”

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

South African trade union, the Nation Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) has called for an independent inquiry into President Mnangagwa and his administration’s conduct accusing it ‘systematic brutality’ against civilians.

NUMSA recently protested at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria where they presented their demands.

NUMSA president, Andrew Chirwa said workers in Zimbabwe and the general populace stood with them (SA) during the apartheid hence it is their time to reciprocate that by calling out the government of Zimbabwe.

“We are calling for an independent investigation into Emmerson Mnangagwa for human rights violations. If there is a case to answer, he must be tried for crimes against humanity.”

In his address Chirwa blasted Mnangagwa whom he described as old and clueless.

“It’s clear Cde Mnangagwa is tired, and that is the problem with Africa . We are led by old and clueless old leaders.”

The government of Zimbabwe has on many occasions denied allegations of human rights violations and the existence of a political crisis in the country.

Recently Mnangagwa addressing Zanu PF politiburo and central committee members said, ” there is no crisis in Zimbabwe” and that , “the only crisis in the country exists in the mind of the opposition and those of his detractors”, and that the noise about his administration are a “figment of imagination by his enemies whom he said will fail in their machinations”.

Political tension in the country has been simmering , following spirited opposition led protest calls which have been met with heavy-handedness.

Government has been accused of hiding under the cover of Covid-19 lockdown measures to crack down on dissenting voices

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