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Mnangagwa Implores Unity Amidst Factional Fights

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

President E.D Mnangagwa has pleaded for unit in his party following factional infighting that has rocked the party’s District Coordinating Committee (DCC) and primary-elections.

Speaking at the Zanu PF party headquarters in Harare today where he was interfacing with the Provincial leadership of the Party consisting of the Main wing, Youth, Women and War Veterans, Mnangagwa condemned the infighting in his party.

President Mnangagwa says he has summoned the provincial leadership for the meeting to discuss the reinstatement of DCCs in line with the Esigodini People conference resolution

“The Party Constitution is the Bible which we must all adhere to. Those who follow the Party Constitution will flourish while those who disregard it will not prosper.

“ZANU PF members must be loyal to the Party as required by Section 21 of the Constitution. Loyalty must be to the Party, not individuals. We have witnessed uncouth behaviour by some members, such conduct is alien to the Party. Members must remain resolute in fighting the imposition of candidates. Let me reiterate that the DCCs elections must be held in line with the Constitution of ZANU PF. The national commissar will oversee the process in line with our regulations”.

President E.D Mnangagwa as usual glittery of the G40 a former rival factional group that fell by side following the military coup d’etat of November 2017, urged his party members to be wary of the “G40” infiltration.

“Vote buying will not be tolerated and we must remain alive to those imposed by the G40. We are also subjected to hostile propaganda within and outside. This hostile propaganda must embolden us”.

President E.D Mnangagwa took time to denounce the July 31 movement.
“You are aware of the failed protests which were set for 31 July and the organisers have formed what they call the Julymovement which you must denounce in your communities”.

President ED Mnangagwa also denounced abductions which he labelled ‘fake’ despite repeated attempts and calls from the alternative as well as the international community for an independent inquiry about the alleged abductions.

He said, “we have also witnessed fake abductions in a bid to soil our image but we have exposed these shenanigans as false. Some of the drama we see is instigated by NGOs and we shall soon be regulating their activities”.

Addressing the same gathering Zanu PF political commissar, Victor Matemadanda reiterated his boss stance that G40 members are not welcome to join Zanu PF.

He said ,”Our Provincial leadership is worried about absentee MPs. All those once allied to G40 elements must follow laid out procedures before readmission into the Party. Social media abuse is also a cause a concern and as leaders we must be exemplary”.

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