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Mnangagwa attempts to calm Matebeleland

by BustopTV

By Staff Reporter

President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited Bulawayo after suffering week long attacks over government’s disregard for Matebeleland province and the slur on catholic bishops.

His visit to the Matebeleland region was ostensibly to meet the civil society and make a follow up on the unresolved Gukurahundi issue.

This has however opened up floodgates of criticism over his lack of political will to resolve the outstanding Gukurahundi massacre issue .

After a marathon of meetings in Bulawayo where he launched a program that will enable the issuance of birth and death certificates for Gukurahundi victims, Mnangagwa also discussed other developmental issues affecting the region.

Speaking to the media soon after the meetings  Infomation Ministry permanent secretary, Nick Mangwana said:

“The issues discussed were  mostly to do with birth and death certificates for victims of Gukurahundi and we are also looking at the issue of exhumations, which is currently being handled by the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission”.

He went on to say, “His Excellency also discussed  the issues of exhumations and reburial of Gukurahundi victims “.

“This is a  follow-up to the July meeting and this is basically a follow-up on issues that we have discussed with the civic society based in Bulawayo. This is not about Gukurahundi issues only but other broader developmental issues affecting the region. There is a lot of progress so far around the issues under discussion”.

According to Mangwana, the President in his engagements also discussed  the province’s past marginalisation which has resulted in his government’s growing criticism.

Last week government torched a storm after it singled out Catholic bishops leader Robert Ndlovu who hails from Matebeleland region for planning to destabilize government following a pastoral letter speaking against human rights violations.

However some sources allege that President Mnangagwa visit to the Matebeleland region was an attempt to douse the fire his administration had started by attacking the region.

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