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‘Mnangagwa At War With Civil Society’ MDC Alliance

by Bustop TV News

 By Bustop TV

The main opposition MDC Alliance Youth Assembly has blasted President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration for pushing for the enactment of the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill which it says is a ‘danger to democracy’.

The PVO Amendment Bill published in the Government Gazette on November 5 2021 prohibits PVOs from political lobbying and further restricts their operations.

In ZImbabwe PVOs provide humanitarian aid, food security, psycho-social and financial support.

MDC Alliance members face ‘political persecution’ and often receive legal aid from PVOs, which among other services will be barred if the bill is signed into law.

In an interview, MDC Alliance spokesperson, Stephen Chuma described the PVO Amendment Bill as declaration of war on the civil society by Mnangagwa.

He said: “The road to democracy will be more bumpy as another critical fighter in the struggle for democracy would have been muzzled.

“The PVO Amendment Bill is a confirmation of what we have already saying that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime is a danger to democracy. It is part of Mnangagwa’s evil plan to purge the constitution that was crafted by people of Zimbabwe under extreme difficulties and opposition from the very same who are destroying it now. Mnangagwa is proving to be an enemy of every progressive group and citizens.”

Chuma added: “First it was an attack on general citizens as we witnessed on 01 August 2018 killing. From there Mnangagwa targeted the opposition and then doctors, nurses, students, teachers and now he is at war with the civil society. Basically he is at war with everyone. The only solution to stop these bills is for citizens to converge against Mnangagwa’s dictatorship.”

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