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Mixed feelings over Soul Jah Love’s hero status

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Staff Reporter

A decision announced by the Zanu PF Secretary for Administration, Dr Obert Mpofu on Thursday, to declare award winning Zimdancehall artist, Soul Musaka AKA Soul Jah Love as a liberation hero, has been met with mixed feelings.

The decision has divided a number of citizens, particularly ghetto youths, politicians and activists.

Although many seem to applaud the decision to declare Mwana waSthembeni as he was also popularly known in the music circles, as a provisional hero, others differ with this judgement.

Some have acknowledged the stance by Zanu PF for honoring the 31-year old talented artist whilst others have deemed this as ‘madness’ saying Zanu PF is effortlessly in a position to earn its political mileage and sympathy from the citizens.

Political Activist, Pride Mukono said,”Zanu PF as the ruling party always politicize funerals. The decision is a political tool for the living to exploit the dead for mileage.

“Sauro is a beneficiary of a system in need of a populist push back. Certainly if Dembo, Dewa, Andy Brown, Mashakanda were never considered for such to have him there is an anomaly.

“Interestingly, Chief Charumbira was given the same status whilst Lookout Masuku and Dumiso Dabengwa among other luminaries were denied. Zanu is hijacking the social struggles of ghetto youths to be it’s anthem.

To turn their despair into it’s momentum,” Mkono told this publication.

Another youth from Harare who recognised himself as Ras Kotini said Soul Jah Love deserves the status.

“Jah Love desrves to be a liberation hero. He was a ghetto icon, his music was a motivation to a number of ghetto youths who wanted to give up in their life. To be declared a hero is not always about fighting wars like the popular Chimurenga,” Kotini said.

A resident from Chisipiti, Faith Mafunga also added Jah Love’s hero status is worth it.
 “Its a very great honor to him, he deserves it igamba remashuwa [he is a true hero] not only musically but also in his personal life and the life of those around him. No one could walk even a mile in his shoes, Soul Jah Love was a strong man indeed he deserves the hero status,” Mafunga added.

Furthermore, prominant journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono through a post on his Twitter account, blamed Zanu PF for looting money and failing to provide a good health system in the country.

“ZANUPF declared SoulJah Love a provincial hero in order to tap into public sentiment. Yet what Soul Jah Love needed the most was healthcare when he was alive.

“He couldn’t get healthcare because ZANUPF looted the State coffers dry, and hospitals are not working! Citizens need hospitals and not empty accolades!!!

“Don’t let them fool you!!! It is like failing to give a man food, and when he dies you buy him an expensive casket!They even demolished his house!! #DemLoot,” reads Chin’ono’s tweet.

Jah Love was pronounced dead on Tuesday evening at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Harare, after a short illness.

He will be buried on Saturday at Warren Hills in Harare. His body will lie in state at his home in Msasa Park tomorrow.

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