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Mixed Feelings Over PVO Bill

by Bustop TV News

By Peace Mlilo

Citizens across the country have expressed dismay over the amendment of the Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) Bill.

The development comes after the government’s threat to regulate NGOs amid speculations that they have been at the forefront of funding subversive activities in Zimbabwe.

A survey made by this publication proved that the bill is not welcomed by citizens.

“I am not in support of the Bill because as Zimbabweans we have benefitted much from the support we are getting from NGOs, especially those in the rural areas, if our government starts to monitor NGOs funds that will be a nightmare because these people are thieves, what happened to the 15 billion? This bill is unreasonable and unfair.

“Inasmuch as, we are against it ZANU PF has the power to make the bill pass, our hands are tied here, we cannot do much,” a citizen speaking on condition of anonymity said.

Another citizen accused the government of neglecting its people.

“Those people in government they don’t care about us but only to feed among themselves.

“A proper government will listen to its people and not be blinkered in its obsession of only remaining in power.

“A confident government would not be fazed by political discussions during an election campaign. We need to remove the hatred and intolerance the current ZANU PF has planted.”

Another chimed in: “There can never be a more corrupt organisation than ZANU PF  in our country. If this PVO bill was really about corruption, perhaps it would have been wiser to first look yourself (ZANU PF) in the mirror and come up with multiple amendments against yourself.”

However, some citizens described the move to amend the PVO bill as positive.

“That’s a completely wrong interpretation of that bill, the government is simply asking the NGOs not to interfere with the government’s business. Let’s support this bill.”

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