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Misspelt Police Vehicles Break Internet

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Government critics are feasting on the spelling errors on the branding of recently commissioned police vehicles by President Mnangagwa yesterday in Harare.

Yesterday President Mnangagwa commissioned 82 police service vehicles at a colourful ceremony.

However it is the misspellings from the branding of those cars that has hogged the limelight with the notable ones being FORENCIC and MARBELREIGN.

Jolted by the incompetence, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said, “These days you don’t have to dig deep to see how Mnangagwa’s state is deeply incompetent!. They can’t even spell FORENSIC, they chose to give us FORENCIC. These are the direct consequences of corrupt tenders, they produce mediocrity!
The painful thing is that the people who gave the tender for sign writing will see nothing wrong with this!”

One Nickson Museyamwa said the misspellings speaks of the incompetence that characterizes the governmment .

“You can’t have a whole President officiating at a colourful function with branded misspelt cars. It shows arrogance.”

Officially handing over the vehicles, President Mnangagwa said he hopes the vehicles will help the police in abating an exponential rise in crimes especially armed robberies.

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