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Miss Tellzim for Charity

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Masvingo’s Provincial newspaper, Tellzim hosted the first edition of Miss TellZim on Friday were the proceeds were for charity.

An amount close $50 000RTG’s was donated towards the vulnerable groups in the province and 100sanitary pads as confirmed by the Director of TellZim Newspaper, Passmore Kuzipa.

Panashe Mbewe, former Miss Poly caught the eyes of the judges and was crowned  Queen, while Rutsch’en Herbert was crowned the 1st princess and Queen Moyo was the 2nd princess. Perseverance Sakala walked away as Miss Personality.

The beauty contest was held to help the vulnerable groups and also contribute towards the Mayors Cheer Fund.

“We want to try raising funds for those who are less privileged in the society and make a difference for them targeting the Old People’s home and Alpha Cottages.  The other donations are aiming towards the Mayors Cheer fund. We want to be a newspaper with a human face and make a difference for the betterment of the future of others. We are also going to identify the vulnerable girl child in rural areas and pay school fees for them,” said Kuzipa.

Major contributors of the event were Junior Driving School, New Creation Embassy supported by Pastor O, George Maponga, Mayor Collin Maboke, Former Mayor Hubert Fidze, Thunderun, Jerry Moyana, Taurai Mudzviti, Lawyer Phillip Shumba, Lawyer Omen Mafa, City Bridal Centre, Regency Hotel, Hon Jacob Nyokanhete, Hon Killer Zivhu, Hon Madhuku and Hon Chiduwa. Councilor Richard Musekiwa and Councilor Godfrey Kurauone among others.

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