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Mega Fest Award Winner, Lulu Eyes Global Market

by Bustop TV News

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Mega Fest Gold 2020 entrepreneur winner Rudo ‘Lulu’ Shoko is eyeing the global market after scooping the prestigious trophy in September.

Lulu was nominated as the gold winner last month and came out the regional winner for the provincial Mega Fest that was held in Masvingo.

She is the Director of Furniture and Events hub that is trading as JAR Furniture and Lulu’s event management.

“Taking part in the competition was a surprise as l was nominated and had to follow instructions to participate fully. Actually l was unanimously nominated and it was really exciting as this was different, we had the regional one but this was national and was mind blowing all together, it was exciting and l am grateful.

“The award is going to bring a lot of change in my career and my life because when one wins such awards it means you are visible to the public and increases credibility even when you want to be hired, people will have confidence in you. The business market grows because there are a lot of people who follow the Mega Fest that would like to be associated with someone who has won an award and l am sure it will change our business direction for the best,” said Shoko.

She is not going to limit herself as she plans to expand into the global market.

“The aim and goal is to go global, right now we have opened another branch in Mutare and want to spread our wings and l see myself opening another one in Harare, Zvishavane and Beitbridge, we have managed to progress a lot in the few years we started with this manufacturing of furniture and we are going places and have the hope to branch to other countries at the same time have an office in Johannesburg as this is where my husband trained. We are participating in the 2030 vision of Zimbabwe becoming a middle class economy by the end of this year we should have at least 15 permanent employees. I feel honoured, humbled, special and challenged as this all means l will have to up our game, this means that we are now in the public and have to look at our social life and be careful about how we carry ourselves,” she said.

She advised people to go for whatever they want and pursue their goals in life.

“Jar furniture came after Lulu’s events had been in the industry for nine years and Jar Furniture has been around for three years. I run this business with my husband Jeffrey Shoko, we have four kids and recently adopted a two months baby.

“l am an entrepreneur l love making money, l love business. I love interacting with people and that is the reason why l always aim to bridge a gap to add value and do something that make me interact with the community.

“The exciting part that has happened with Jar furniture, is that we have managed to create employment for five people permanent people. They also previously took part in the Entrepreneurship TV Competition Ndine Thaza and were the ultimate winners for season 5. We also the regional winners entrepreneurship of the year Mega Fest the regional one in Masvingo and the gold winners for the national for entrepreneur of the year award at the Mega Fest.

“Also have another competition we participated in events and out of the nine countries we also came up in top in India and we could not travel due to Covid -19,” Lulu said.

She believes in making people’s lives better, “l believe there is enough for everyone, l do not see other furniture and events companies as competitive but as complementary as l also complement them. Our difference is that we always find a way to suit our clients’ style and budget. She has done furniture for bigger people in Masvingo and also has been engaged by different companies like Nyaradzo, Econet, Netone and other corporate companies for events as well. I believe in giving as l am also involved in charity but she gives in confidentiality.

Born and bred in Bulawayo, went to Baines Junior, then Mpopoma High School and did not get further with education due to family commitments after her father got ill. In 2011 she relocated to Masvingo, where she started an events company. Since then she had the fire to keep on moving. She is a fun-loving person and very spiritual person.

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