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Matepatepa houses razed by mysterious fires

by Bustop TV News

By Romeo Takundwa

Residents of Matepatepa community in Bindura are living in fear after a number of houses located at Tolero Farm located some 30 km East of the mining town were destroyed by a mysterious inferno in the past days.

Since the 27th of June, a house has gone up in flames each passing day. A total of 15 houses have been reduced to rubble, leaving families homeless.

In an interview with Bustop TV, one resident, Tawanda Chigumbira who lost his home said they had struggled to put out the fire.

“The fire started from the top. We struggled to put it out and save our property.

“Five minutes after removing property, my other small building caught fire,” he explained.

Another villager, Spen Tauzeni, said, “The fire started from the top. One of my buildings was burnt on Sunday and the other on Tuesday.”

Following the series of infernos in the area, some villagers have resorted to sleeping outside their homes.

A distraught villager, Maud Mataruse said, “I was at work when my house caught fire on Tuesday and I don’t even know what transpired. So I rushed here crying that my foodstuffs have been burnt. We are sleeping outside in fear that our houses may catch fire while we sleep.”

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