Masvingo records spike in Covid-19 confirmed cases

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Masvingo province has recorded a total of 94 Covid -19 positive cases.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care in its Covid -19 update said all other provinces had recorded no positive cases.

As of 25 May 2021, the province has recorded zero positive cases in all districts with two recoveries.

The spike in the number of positive cases has been attributed to a recent outbreak of the corona virus at Bondolfi Teachers’ College in the province.

The Spokesperson for the Provincial Covid – 19 Taskforce, Rodgers Irimayi confirmed that all the cases were linked to the outbreak at Bondolfi.

“The cases are all true and they are linked to Bondolfi Teachers College, however the situation is under control as all measures having being taken to contain the situation. The public is being urged not to panic but encouraged to stay calm and allow the necessary processes to be carried out. Let us all adhere to the Covid -19 measures so that we all curtail any further spread of the virus while we are making sure due diligence is being maintained in taking care of the affected and infected,” he said.

He went onto to urge residents to follow Covid-19 protocols and curb further spread of the virus.

“Our duty as Risk Communication is to ensure people refrain from activities that cause pandemonium and restlessness among our people. We need to ensure our message does not influence or cause confusion. We are hopeful the virus will be controlled and that we will not lose any lives.”

Even though the situation is said to be under control, the residents in the province have expressed their concern over the situation as many are panicking.

One resident, Aaron Machingura said panic is inevitable in such situations.

“The rise in the Covid -19 cases in the province in one day says a lot, as a province it seems as if we have relaxed. Even though the situation is said to be under control, we are already panicking as may be the cases today might rise again. For now we pray that the situation stabilizes. People should not be pacified by the fact that everything is under control but should rather adhere to the Covid -19 regulations,” he said.

To date Masvingo province has recorded 96 active cases, 69 deaths and 2 347 recoveries of the 2 512 cumulative positive cases. 

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