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Masvingo province records first Covid-19 death

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Masvingo province yesterday recorded its first Covid- 19 death.

A total of 150 people in Zimbabwe have died from the corona virus since the onset of Covid -19 outbreak in March.

“Masvingo reports its first Covid -19 death as deaths reach 150. Nine deaths were recorded yesterday; 6 deaths are from Harare Province, Mashonaland Central, and 1 from Mashonaland and the one from Masvingo. Harare province now the greatest number of deaths at 83,” the Ministry of Health and Child Care said.

The Provincial Medical Director, Amadeus Shamhu also confirmed the news.

“As Masvingo Province, we recorded our first death yesterday and it has caused panic within the residents in Masvingo. Hence people should not panic but they should continue exercising extreme caution and continue protecting themselves against Covid -19. The World Health Organisation regulations should be followed by everyone so as to stay safe,” said Shamhu.

265 cases tested positive of Covid-19 yesterday.

“265 new cases in the last 24 hours were recorded. 254 are local cases and 11 are returnees from South Africa,” the Ministry said.
Active cases in the country are declining as cases are now at 1 051 as of yesterday. 337 total new recoveries reported (Matabeleland South reported 188 recoveries yesterday). Matabeleland North recorded the least number of recoveries with a total of 2.”

As of yesterday, 19August 2020, Zimbabwe has now recorded 5 643 cases, 4 442 recoveries and 150 deaths.

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