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Masvingo Poet to release book

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

MASVINGO based artist, Ngonidzashe Paradza is set to release a book composed of both English and Shona poems titled ‘Kumberi Takamirigwa’.

The book’s launch which was scheduled for November was stalled by the  Covid-19 pandemic.

Paradza said he was anticipating a big event for the launch.

The book titled ‘Kumberi Takamirigwa’ explores how life is a journey and the destiny which is success awaits everyone at the the end of that journey. 

“Like the title of the book says, ‘KUMBERI TAKAMIRIGWA’, life is a journey and people should realize that one cannot keep on travelling but one day, one will arrive at their destination and one has to reach ones goal, achieve it and accomplish the mission at hand rather than just moving forward with no mission to accomplish hence the title of the book, Kumberi takamirigwa.

“Success is actually waiting for us, so it is up to ones person to discover their destiny and rule it,” said Paradza.

In the book Paradza tried to strike a balance the two languages, Shona and English so as to attract more audiences. 

“Most of the poems l recite are in Shona, so now l then recited some poems in English for my audiences as l am broadening my horizons so l do not want to limit myself. This time I included English poems just to open international Poetry markets,” he said. 

The poems are different poems with different titles but the theme is inspiring every hard worker to keep on moving.

Kumberi Takamirigwa is published by Oakscript publishers.

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