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Mashonaland West Residents’ call for government aid

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Mashonaland West Residents associations have called for government to urgently provide food relief to ‘starving’ citizens in their towns.

Kadoma Progressive Residents Association (KAPRA) and Norton Residents Alliance (NORA) representatives in separate interviews told Bustop TV that citizens has become food insecure during the ongoing lockdown.

KAPRA chairperson, Wilbert Murambiwa said due to lack of formal employment the majority of Kadoma residents were feeling the punch of the lockdown.

“Kadoma Progressive Residents Association has seen it fit to make it known to the rest of the people in our community and Zimbabwe at large. The truth of matter is people are starving here in Kadoma. It is very unfortunate that there are no jobs and no-one is employed which simply means no money no food and no-one to turn to for help.

“With such a situation who is going to help to who the answer is nobody. As Kapra we appeal to government to chip in time failure do to that in time Covid-19 will be less dangerous than hunger. This issue is very painful and dangerous. We also appeal to other organizations and wellwishers to assist as a matter of urgency,” he said.

NORA Chairperson, David Machombo also lamented the lack of jobs and the closure of industries in Norton calling the “hunger demon” that unleashed poverty and homelessness.

“Ever since the major industries closed down, people are hungry. Companies like Hunyani, BHP, Wilgrow, Dandy and Afrorun spinners only to mention a few used to employ a lot of people in Norton. Now only Dandy, Wilgrow and Afrorun are operational at a very low scale meaning the majority of the people who used to work there were cut off. Some were now selling fish at the famous speed market but unfortunately the market was affected by the recent demolitions by local authorities.

“After the lockdown people are going to remain hungry as their sources of livelihood were destroyed. The closure of companies and demolitions are a result of the hunger demon which has left many people poor, hungry and homeless. We appeal to the government to help our people. They need food and housing. The crisis is worsening by the day and immediately they should bring relief. Off course the government has setup a fund but not so many people have really benefited from it and the funds are inadequate.”

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