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Masarira Calls For Stripping Of MPs Priviledges

by Bustop TV News

By Romio Takundwa

LEAD Zimbabwe President Linda Masarira has called for the cutting of number of parliamentarians as well as their benefits in-order to save money being galloped from the national fiscal.

Writing on her Twitter account, the former MDC-T spokesperson said there should be some serious considerations of ensuring MPs stay in their constituencies and cut hotel accommodation expenses amounting to approximately USD$200 000 per week.

“In 1980 we had 100 parliamentary seats and 40 Senate seats. Today we have 270 parliamentary seats and 80 senate seats. There is no justification what so ever for this bloated parliament considering the many unending economic challenges we have in our beloved country,” reads the tweet.

She added “Out of the 270 seats 235 are from out of Harare. They stay in hotels every week when they are in Harare even some who have houses in Harare whilst representing their constituencies. On average MPs only accommodation bill per week is approximately 2000usd minus meals and fuel”.

In an interview with this reporter, Masarira reiterated that the issue of accommodation expenses for MPs is burdening the economy hence the need to come up with cost cutting measures such as parliamentary villages.

“The issue of accommodation of MPs must be looked into with the aim to maintain dignity and cost cutting. Hotels aren’t dignified for parliamentarians to stay for too long. Hotels should be used for a very short time and not for five years that’s ridiculous”, said Masarira.

She then suggested that, “We need to consider having parliamentary villages. Every constituency must have its house in the village to which a winning MP should stay during his ore her term. If a school head or a police officer has accommodation at his or her workplace, why can’t we have the same for parliamentarians. This can be an effective way to cut costs rather than having them stay in hotels using tax payers money”.

Masarira’s calls came at a time when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is currently conducting a voter education and registration blitz with the hope to register 1 million new voters.

The exercise is paving way for delimitation exercise which is likely to see further division of constituencies resulting in an increase in the number of MPs.

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