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Mapositori At Masowe Made To Drink Alcohol By Soldiers For Defying Lockdown

by BustopTV

Own Correspondent

Soldiers in Harare reportedly forced mapositori to drink the alcohol they had confiscated from bars for defying lockdown regulations, according to a social media message doing the rounds on whatsapp.

The message alleges that the soldiers, instead of beating up the worshipers forced them to drink alcohol which is considered taboo by the sect.

“Please avoid night prayers and stay home.Yesterday in Dzivarasekwa vanamukoma (the soldiers) were busy making their rounds confiscating beer from bars that had defied the Lockdown and opened for business. On their way back to the barracks, there were apostolic sect members and other female worshipers who had gathered for their night prayers”, read a whatsApp message.

The soldiers did not beat them up but they just took the crates of beers that they had confiscated and told the worshipers to drink the beer all night while singing their church hymns. The worshipers could not defy the order and they drank beer all night against the belief that beer cannot be consumed at their apostolic sect shrines. The belief is only applicable before you are given a directive by the soldiers.”

Below is the shona version of the circulating message:

“Magunners vakangosvika havana kurova vanhu asi vakangoburutsa macrates avo ema super pamasowe zvikanzi madzibaba nemadzimai ngatinwei husiku hose tichiimba. Masese anwiwa zvekuti pamasowe hapanwiwe doro unenge usati waapihwa nana Mukoma (Soldiers).”


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