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Lover’s Day in a pandemic

by BustopTV

By Staff Reporter

Love is the air !!! Its that day again where lovers get to celebrate their love. Borrowing from the Holy book, love is the most sanctified phenomenon, 1 Corinthians 13:13
says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love”.

A leaf from the elderly

For the elderly, Valentine day invokes vivid strong memories of love, affection and compassion, while for the younger ones it’s a wish for beggars to ride says Gogo Madyava of St Mary’s Chitungwiza.

“We have been married for 50 years now. We still love each other sekunge mukomana nemusikana,” says 72 year old Gogo Mudyava.

Her husband popular Mdara Forward who owns a grocery store at a popular joint Pa Forward in St Mary’s Manyame Park speaks ill of how the younger generation has flaunted the virtues and sanctity of love. He reminisced how back then , they would celebrate Valentines day .

“You the younger generation has desecrated loving each other. You no longer celebrate togetherness,” he said.

“Together with mama we have stayed together for all these years because we value love. Each day is love day, not forgetting this special day “

“I have bought flowers for her (Gogo ). l wonder how many of you the younger ones have done so. Appreciating your loved one “

Third Eye from the youthful

While the majority of the older generations values the ethos of Valentine, for the youth it’s a divided opinion .

Bustop TV caught up with Joyce Muranda 20, a student at the Midlands State University.

She had this to say ,”l value Valentines day so much. l have been fortunate enough to be born by loving parents and to be in love with a man who loves me. l know he is going to do something for me, had it not been for coronavirus, we could have gone out.”

For Jorista Pemba 33 a motor mechanic at Chikwanha fitness center Valentines day is meaningless.

“I’m married to my wife Milicent Tinarwo , tine vana two. l love my family. ZveValentine ndezve kusingarove zuva kunana Highlands nanaChisipite (lofty northern suburbs) kuno kunobudira zuva hatiite izvozvo,” said the incredulous Pemba.

Quizzed on his wife’s reaction to his disregard for the day the jocular Pemba had this to say, “my wife akamboda kuti mwemwemwe about present yeValentine during our first year of marriage but now ava used kuti izvozvo hatiite.”

For Pastor Paddington Mushangwe of Wave of the Apostles Ministries quoted from the Bible
He said , “the Bible on John 4:7-12 says let us love one another, for love comes from God “

He continued:
“Valentine’s day is a special day which can create a variety of emotions for different people. For some it creates great satisfaction celebrating the love you have between you, your spouse, and your friends & family”

Social media Frenzy
The Sting Man Association has been trending a spirited attempt by men to discredit Valentines day.

Popularized by men on social media, the movement has been using memes to depict and encourage man not to spend a dime.

The origin of Valentine Day
Valentine’s Day originated as a church holiday on February 14th to honor martyrs of the faith – saints whose names were Valentinus.

It is believed that the first heart valentine note was sent by a Valentine who was in prison for a girl he loved. Valentines notes have been recorded for as far back as the Middle ages. While th toe meaning and celebrations of Valentine’s Day has changed, it has remained as a special day to shower with love those we hold close.

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