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LIST: Trump’s Policies Which Biden Is Already Reversing

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Own Correspondent

Top left, USA outgoing President Donald Trump and in full picture President Elect Joe Biden

United States president, Joe Biden, has started to reverse or halt a number of policies which came into effect during the Donald Trump administration “to start moving our country forward.”

Many of the actions will take government policies back to where they were on January 19, 2017, the final day of the Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration. Below is a list of some changes Biden seeks to effect:

  • Ending Trump’s much-assailed ban on visitors from several majority-Muslim countries
  • Halting construction of the wall that Trump ordered on the US-Mexico border to stem illegal immigration.
  • Setting a mask mandate on federal properties to stem the spread of Covid-19;
  • Restoring protections of valuable nature reserves removed by Trump
  • Seeking freezes on evictions and protection for millions behind on their mortgages due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Sending a bill to Congress to revamp immigration policies and give millions of undocumented migrants living inside the country a path to citizenship that the Trump administration denied.
  • Reversing Trump’s decision to leave the World Health Organization.
  • Returning to the 2016 Paris accord to contribute to fighting climate change
  • Reversing Trump decisions to ease emissions and efficiency standards, and rescind the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, a large project that would bring relatively high-polluting Canadian oil into the United States.

Other actions by the new president will require a government-wide, proactive equality effort for minority groups, in hiring, contracting, and service.

Biden will sign 17 orders and actions just hours after being sworn in as US leader to break from policies of departing President Donald Trump.

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