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Linda Masarira needs help – Khupe

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

The war of words between Thokozani Khupe and Linda Masarira is raging on, with Khupe hitting back at her former close ally whom she said “needs urgent help”

The public barbs follow the allegations by former MDC-T Khupe spokesperson, Linda Masarira that Khupe was receiving funding from the ruling party, ZANU PF to destabilise the MDC Alliance.

Masarira further added that the political actors’ dialogue was just one of Mnangagwa’s pet projects.

“We were receiving money from Zanu PF. I don’t know who was the direct contact person who was bringing the money, but we got funding for the party from Zanu PF.

We were not real opposition, this is why I took a picture of myself wearing Zanu PF regalia in Zambia and posted it on social media because I wanted to tell a story.

Masarira further asserted that” the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), a dialogue platform consisting of fringe political parties created by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2019, is a ZANU PF pet project”

However not to be outdone, Khupe slammed Masarira describing her claims as “malicious”.

“Dr Khupe has at no stage received any material or otherwise support from Zanu PF, so this a malicious campaign against Dr Khupe and the MDC-T.

“How ironic is it, that almost 12 months after the party summarily dismissed Ms Masarira, for supporting Zanu PF, she makes such claims?”

“What is obvious is that Ms Linda Masarira, needs urgent help based on her many public episodes,” said MDC Khupe information secretary, Khaliphani Phugeni.

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