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Late ZANU PF chairman’s son blasts government in new track.

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Kaptive, the son of late ZANU PF Mashonaland West chairman, Keith Guzah, has voiced his concerns over the deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe.

Born Keith Guzah Jnr, Kaptive in a #ZimbabweanLivesMatter freestyle condemned the arrests of government critics, Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume.

Following the track’s release the rapper called on other artists to create awareness over Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

“Big thank you to everyone of you who have been supporting my freestyle, thank you so much. I just feel like it’s a message that needs to be be said. It is stretching from all the fans, all the celebrities, all the blogs and all of that. I just want to thank all of you. Everything that I said came from the heart. Everybody knows it and everybody felt. I think it’s a message that not only people in our country need to know but everybody worldwide and that is something I am fighting and I know a lot of you are fighting it too. A lot of you might feel powerless but just by tweeting it, putting in your story, sharing it, tagging it, liking it; everything you have been doing has been perfect. I thank you for that. To all my artists, all upcoming artists and all my friends what I am going to do is I’m going to post the instrumental link up here or up on the bio.

“I want some artists on it, whether you are a singer or a rapper, I want you to put sixteen on it giving your own view of what you are seeing on the landscape. So that we can make this a complete thing and we can continue getting this awareness going around. I feel like if stop now nothing is going to happen. Let’s continue to push and to advocate for the cause. I am going to have the link up there and an email address. Drop a 16, sing 16, all my dancers dance to the beat. Let’s make this something special, let’s make it global, you guys have done a fantastic job. We killed twitter, we killed Facebook, we killed Instagram. Shout out to you, as much as it is my freestyle let us continue to spread the message.”

In his song, he mentions how hard it is to live in the country as the government is often regulating citizens’ movements.

He raps, “It’s kinda hard for us to be proudly Zimbabwean. We just tryna make it but the government out tryna box us in. Shout out to the angels in heaven playing our guardian . Ducking through the defence coz they ain’t no God in them. How you supposed to have a speak your mind when they won’t let you have a voice. Gotta choose between the two evils just like Roy and Royce.”

He then condemns the human rights abuses in the country pointing out the arrests of Ngarivhume and Hopewell.

“No such thing as human rights we never had a choice. You just playing with people’s lives like it’s a bag of toys. Jacob wrote a story you gotta him chained up. Black on black crime man we gotta change it up. The people need hope still but since you locked up Hopewell we leaving through our own hell. Corruption is killing people the story that they won’t tell. Then there is load shedding no water can’t drink from no well. S***, how do you expect us to survive people swallow saliva just to stay alive.”

“My daddy was Zanu he did the rallies. But we hit the ghetto we fed the families. It doesn’t matter if I came up under Zanu, I won’t for the abuses at the end of the day uriwangu. Everyday is an obstacle. We are in a country where we can’t trust the banks, the state or the hospitals. Now where everybody is independent so who will gonna call for help.”

Kaptive also talks about the silence of the regional bloc and police brutality too.

He says, “No AU, can’t call SADC and patience is a virtue the police wanna hurt you. They beat you till you purple that’s if you miss the curfew. I’m overseas tryna pay my trip home it’s being away leaving through my cellphone. And COVID 19 is responsible for our own. RIP to everyone you not alone. As I sit and write the song even though we know they are wrong we are stop don’t stop nigga carry on Zimlives matter.”

Kaptive’s song comes a few weeks after Karizma also dropped another #ZimbabweanLivesMatter track titled Already.

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