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Ladies Titan cheated Olinda with unearthed

by BustopTV

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Ru Apswoude

According to Ru he was dating Olinda. She is a businesswoman based in Australia. In her Facebook posts she said she supported Tytan financially and even paid for trips Tytan made to visit Olinda but she didn’t know Tytan was playing her. Ru wrote an open letter to Olinda on Facebook when Olinda gave birth to her daughter with Tytan, Nandi. The letter wrote on Facebook ” Dear Olinda Chapel, as a women who started dating man I was dating takatambwa dear. We were sharing a man who is awful, He cheated on me, broke up with me Monday and engaged to you days later. I respect you for taking over. I am also hoping this relationship works for you. Best wishes the baby looks cute by the way “

Tally Ndudzo

Tally is said to be a worker in the United Kingdom. In August 2018 Tally leaked screenshots her chat with Tytan. Tytan was asking Tally for her nudes. Tally went on to send screenshots of her chat with Tytan to Olinda. Talking to Melly Mamoyo, Tally said she sent the screenshots to clear her name. In a live Facebook video with Melly, Tally said ” I thiught he was trapping me, that is why I recorded him and I asked him instead of my pictures why not use his wife’s images to masturbate and said she is not attractive enough.

Cynthia Mare

In an interview with Carole Nyakudya on Zimbolivenews Olinda claimed that Tytan was once Cynthia Mare’s boyfriend and left Cynthia Mare a heart broken women because of his cheating habits. Olinda said ” Bvunzai Ana Cynthia Mare, she is a broken woman because of Tytan. I have spoken to Cynthia on a one on one basis. There is enough allegations that Tytan was sleeping with Cynthia’s sister. Cynthia has told me inini nemuromo wake ega kuti this is the kind of man Tytan is”

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