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Kwese rekindled boxing fever in Zimbabwe

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

The now defunct Strive Masiyiwa owned Kwese TV has been credited for rekindling Boxing in Zimbabwe over the past two years  and its demise has left a huge void.

This was said by Shumba Promotions Director; Eric Kandiwa in an interview with Bustop TV who gave a lot of credit to the Sports broadcaster’s boxing tournament initiative for the reawakening of the sport in the country for the last couple of years.

“To be fair in 2018 Kwese really re-sparked the flame that local promoters, especially Clyde Musonda of Deltaforce Boxing Academy, had been striving to keep the ambers going and his unique initial partnering with KalaKoda Promotions of Capetown South Africa gave life to the local boxing scene.

Kwese provided a platform for local talent to not only be exposed to a bigger market but to also be remunerated competitively. It also illuminated the monster of an advertising platform that the sport of boxing is and I believe they are main reason why we are now witnessing the slow exodus of huge corporates into the promised land of professional boxing sponsoring, said Kandiwa.

He also hailed legendary Mau Mau and Boris Blackfist promotions for keeping the light on. 

“Ever since the halt in Kwese services we’ve seen legendary veteran promotions such as Mau Mau Promotions and Boris BlackFist” Promotions step-up back into the ring by hosting some of the most memorable promotions of the decade. 

Not only that, we’ve also seen great individual effort from the likes of Stuart Irvine who put together a splendid corporate charity boxing night under the “King of the Ring” banner which saw 100% of the proceeds going to charity and over $50k USD was raised and that’s simply incredible,” he added.

Kandiwa said that he believes in 2020 looking onwards better monetization opportunities would be found such that the void that Kwese left can be less felt.

Kwese TV where hosts of the popular Friday Night Fights which saw boxers from the continent predominantly the Southern Region fighting. Title matches were also shown live on TV. Since the demise of Kwese, the sport has relied on the internet though streaming services of Facebook and Youtube.

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