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Kamambo in court over text message

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) president, Felton Kamambo, has been dragged to courts by his predecessor Dr. Philip Chiyangwa for allegedly threatening him in a text message.

Speaking to this publication,Kamambo said that he sent a message to the former ZIFA president urging him to stop getting involved in football.

“It is unfortunate that I cannot comment on the issue since it is already in the courts of law. What I can simply tell you is what has been reported on already. I think the message read like ‘Hi president you are encouraged to stop interfering in football.’ I think that was the message. Handigone kutyisidzira VaChiyangwa pane angagone here? (I cannot threaten Dr. Chiyangwa, is there anyone who can?),” said Kamambo.

Other players within the football circles who refused to be named mentioned that Chiyangwa has been bitter ever since he lost to Kamambo and will not stop at anything unless Kamambo failed.

Dr. Chiyangwa, however, cited that he felt he was offended by the Kamambo.

Enda unotarisa law iye iye yekufona fona uchiita seurikutyisidzira vanhu. (Check that law on calling people acting as if you are threatening them.) Don’t call me about issues in the courts. I am a legislator myself I know how this works. Go to the courts, refuted Chiyangwa.

Kamambo was remanded out of custody till January 9 2020.

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