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Jonathan Moyo, Douglas Mwonzora In Nasty Social Media Spat

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Exiled former Zanu PF strategist, Jonathan Moyo and opposition MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora have continued their clashes on Twitter, with the former cabinet minister releasing a list of current and former opposition MDC leaders whom he said have been working with President Mnangagwa since 2000.

In a Twitter thread, Professor Jonathan Moyo released a list of opposition figures who including Mwonzora whom he claimed were in cahoots with Mnangagwa.

“FROM 2000 MNANGAGWA STARTED using his positions as Parly Speaker & Zanu PF Sec for Admin with CIO, ZDF & UK intelligence links to forge a Zanu PF factional base whose core was in his clan & MDC MPs & officials. To make the long story short, that led to the Nov 2017 coup,” he wrote.

However, the tweet invited the wrath of Mwonzora who responded that , Professor Jonathan Moyo was not as clever as he claimed to be since he was outsmarted in 2017 military coup .

“If indeed you are as clever as you sound how come with all that state machinery at your disposal you were so out-smarted in November 2017? Your politics is now outdated, and you are past your prime. It’s now time for rational disputation,” replied Mwonzora.

The two have a history of Twitter spats since the opposition acrimonious infighting that led to the recalls of a dozen of opposition MDC-ALLIANCE members of parliament at the instigation of Mwonzora and cabal.

Professor Jonathan Moyo maintains that Zanu PF has many moles within the opposition ranks .

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