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Jazzy Jazz sings love and forgiveness in new album

by BustopTV

By: Takesure Pambuka

Gweru based, musician and lawyer is releasing his second album tomorrow.  The album launch is set to be at Club Excite in the City of Progress at 1900 hrs. Prior to the album release, Jazzy Jazz ‘leaked’ the title track, Poshi to tease the market with what to expect.  The ten-track album was produced by talented Gweru musician Robson Vunganai and Tapiwa “Maselo” Jera. The album launch will be graced by MP for Chiwundura Hon Chimina and Mbizo MP Honourable Chikwinya. SaMukoko and Vedu, an all-female ensemble will also be playing at the event providing support to their colleague.  

The title track has done enough to whet the appetites of several music lovers. It is a song with both lyrical depth and beautiful music On Poshi, Jazzy Jazz, treats jazz music lovers with possibilities of a refreshingly new world punctuated with humility, forgivess, love and solidarity. His vocals are deliberately merged with rhythm to intelligently produce an apology to family members for wronging. Assuming the voice of a family member, the musician, appeals to siblings for forgiveness, maturity, love, resilience and solidarity in working together for new future possibilities.

Poshi speaks to the hearts and minds of music lovers within families, communities and groups of people – young and old in Zimbabwean societies. In a nation with embittered relations, Poshi takes the initiative to reconcile the torn pieces by offering the seemingly hopeless audience a possibility that zvinogadzirisika since one wrong should not be construed as the end of the world. There is a message of hope through reconciliation. The singer is speaking to Zimbabweans in general as is emphasised by code switching in language usage, that is, he veers off from Shona to English and Ndebele thereby broadening listenership.

 In the line, To err is human, to forgive is divine, Poshi is not only reminding listeners about human nature in erring, but as we sing along, we are reminded of the godliness of the ability of forgive. The shifting position of the lead vocalist from elder brother to young brother emphasises the universality of erring and no matter which position you hold in any form of family; you have to be humble enough to apologise and stop the conflicts. The wrongdoer should be magnanimous enough to see that they have erred and the wronged should forgive.

Poshi presents mercy as a quality most valuable to the most powerful, strongest and highest people in society and the message is that we must pray for mercy as it is the human quality that acts as an expression of love – another quality of divinity which colours human existence as is expressed in the politely sung lyrics: love is the flower of life. The rest of the album is made up of the following songs, Ngainaye (remix), Hymn 10, Amai (Shungu), Gwara, Rudo, Tungamira, Zvake, Shaura (Tribute to Tuku), Kodzero yevanasikana (X Robson Vunganai

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