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Japajapa demands primary elections…as CCC candidate nomination turns violent

by Bustop TV News

Members of the Citizen’s Coalition for Change have demanded for the traditional primary elections as the method to select the party’s candidates for the upcoming general elections.


This comes after a chaotic consensus candidate selection process held on Wednesday across the country.


The party’s community based candidate selection process is a new initiative meant to replace the traditional method of primary elections.

An independent selection panel led by human rights defender Rashid Mahiya was overseeing the CCC candidate nominations processes.


In Warren Park, the selection process was halted during mid-day after hundreds of members were turned away with after being labelled ineligible to nominate and select their candidates.


“We are meant to abide by the list that was brought before us. On that list only 45 people out if the hundreds here are said to be eligible, this process is dubious and is prone to manipulation,” one member said.

Paddington Japajapa who was seeking for a nomination for Warren Park Member of Parliament demanded the party revert the traditional primary election process.


“We demand primary elections now, this does not work. It is clear that this is not the best option. We will not go ahead with this process until we are granted approval to choose candidates through an internal election. I am a national executive member, who spent three years in prison for this party and should have my voice heard. I can’t be silenced this way and be shut out of the nomination process, this is scandolous,” said an irate Japajapa.


Chaos and violence marred the Warren Park venue leading to nomination agents fleeing the scene on board a car driven by the incumbent Warren Park Member of Parliament Shakespeare Hamawuswa, who is also seeking for a nomination.

Party members aligned to vying candidate and former mayor Herbert Gomba reportedly assaulted another aspirant Womberai Nhende, who was being accused of imposing candidates.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the CCC skirmishes.

“We have heard there are some alleged clashes and disturbances hampering the CCC candidate selection processes but we are yet to receive any official complaint.

“The cases are yet to reach one of our police stations,” he said.


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