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Jah Bless Rebrands, Drops Album

by Bustop TV News

By Trevor Makonyonga

Popular Zimbabwean reggae artist, Jah Bless has rebranded to Ganjahtrix, releasing an eighteen track album titled Born to lead.

The musician is not new to name changes as he previously switched from IJahson to Ras Tavona and from Ras Tavona to Jah Bless.

Speaking to Bustop TV, Ganjahtrix explained the rebranding and the reasons behind such.

Born Tavona Kevin Padoro 46 years ago, the artist had to sometime settle for his first name as Ras Tavona where he rode on Jamaican riddim like the Diwali riddim which made him a household name in the early 2000s.

He said, “As Tavona I released only 3 songs during the Urban grooves era & I used that name because my first producer thought my original name Ijahson was too radical for our society back then in 2002. So they settled for my first name. After that I took a sabbatical focusing on my education and Corporate world. Then when I decided to return to recording and performance then I used Jah Bless because I didn’t want to bring my history to it. I thought good music will earn me recognition & yes it did since I produced some hits like Ndouya ikoko and Entertainer amongst others. Then now Ganjahtrix which is my Global branding point as I pursue the global market. I realised that there was confusion & dilution on my brand since the are too many Jahs on the market who are necessarily not Rastafari. Also if you Google Jah Bless so many things appear making it hard to find me online as an artist when we are in the Digital age so it’s a huge disadvantage. If you Google Ganjahtrix only me in the world.”

His new album, Born to lead, contains mellow roots reggae vibes and also includes his hit cover, Waymaker which was originally done by Sinach.
The album also carries with it a remake of Nathi’s Nomvula as well as sixteen of his originals.

On the album are also such songs as Pasi Pezuva, Tendai, Nothing serious (which features Guspy Warrior) and the title track, Born to lead which are serious tunes. The whole album will strike the ear of any reggae music lover and on this offing, Ganjahtrix really went global.

Ganjahtrix spoke about how he came up with the album name, marketing of the album and Waymaker. He also said that he has always excelled in everything he does.

He said, “I have always exceled in everything I do from birth. Be it academics, sport or social influence. Now my approach on this album, the sound, maturity, philosophy and entertainment e.t.c is of a leading artist. I’m going for the global market and I have began to gain traction. I’m really sure if Way maker is my biggest song so far given my hits like Ndouya ikoko and Entertainer. On this album there are some timeless classics like Born to lead, Nomvula, Cash talk etc. However Way maker is a cover song originaly done by Sinach I fell in love with the song to the extent that I would sing it in the shower every morning until I decided to do a cover for it. Marketing started well before release. My marketing is in three phases. Pre release marketing, Release marketing and Post Release marketing.”

The artist who is also a practicing Rastafarian has now ventured into farming as a way of remembering his late father.

“Growing up in a traditional African family farming is part of our culture though at a tender age its something that we usually don’t enjoy. But as a Rasta man and vegetarian for 25 years now I see the world differently. I did Agriculture also in High School and passed with an A. Now that I lost my Father 2 months ago we are now carrying on with the legacy and I am the man on the ground on behalf of the family. I definitely enjoy it and appreciate its importance. We are preparing the land bt as for which crops this season, lets cross the river when we get there,” Ganjahtrix said.

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