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Intensify COVID-19 preparedness -Govt told

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

A number of Residents associations (RAs) from across the country’s ten provinces have raised concern over the lack of information dissemination and seriousness from the government in the face novel coronavirus (COVID-19) .

In a thinly vield statement the Residents Associations (RAs) cried foul over government’s lackadaisical approach to Coronavirus .

“Residents associations (RAs) from across the country have noted with concern the lack of dissemination of relevant information to the public by government and other responsible authorities on the state of preparedness in the country on the COVID-19 situation “

The Residents Associations urged government and relevant stakeholders “to develop a comprehensive contingency plan in case the Covid-19 tests positive in the country and increase public health-related information dissemination and raise awareness on the Covid-19 countrywide especially in the peri-urban and rural areas.”

They also urged government to ” To consider temporarily closing schools and institutions of higher learning as a measure of reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

To issue an immediate ban on huge social gatherings that can be avoided such as weddings, seminars and others. To limit unnecessary travel to risk destinations and increase border controls.

Meanwhile the grouping took a swipe at Defence minister, Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri reckless statement over Corona virus and urged discipline from public officials.

“Recent sentiments by the Minister of Defence in Chinhoyi insinuating that the corona virus pandemic is a punishment executed by God to nations that have imposed economic restrictions on Zimbabwe further exposes how as a country we are taking the Covid-19 situation lightly and exacerbates the worries by many RAs” the statement reads.

“The fact that Zimbabwe has not officially recorded any positive case of Covid-19 but only responded to 7 suspected cases which have all tested negative does not mean that as a country we are safe and not in danger”.

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