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Informal sector pushes for policy framework.

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – The Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association (ZCIEA) has today said there is a need to formalize the country’s informal sector.

This was said by ZCIEA president, Lorraine Sibanda at a stakeholders engagement meeting on the sector’s policy sheet held at Chevron Hotel.

“We came here to share our different views on the informal economy. There is a need to have a dialogue with stakeholders on how to make informal legal as being in the informal sector is viewed as illegal. A lot of people are in the formal economy, so there is a need for the formalization process which has to be inclusive throughout, both sectors the formal and informal should be recognised,” she said.

Sibanda added that there was a need to applaud the contribution of her sector and help more sustainable businesses.

“Our main agenda is to engage and inform stakeholders what informal sector is all about. We want them to support the good efforts of informal workers and push for a policy framework that is relevant and frank to the informal economy to grow sustainable business and income,” said Sibanda.

While it is thriving, she said the informal sector needed more policies to be put in place which will protect them.

A large number of citizens now depend on informal businesses for survival.

Speaking to this publication one female entrepreneur reiterated Sibanda’s utterances suggesting the need for a clear policy formulation inclusive of those within the informal sector.

“These days the informal sector is the way to go and everyone is now relying on it, our salaries are not sufficient for us, so everyone is doing something for them to be able to have a living. So it is high time for the informal sector to be recognised and make the conditions for them conducive,” she said.

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