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ICODZim to pay fees for moot competition winners

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By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu 

Masvingo – The Institution of Community Development in Zimbabwe, ICODZim pledged to pay school tuition for two students who were outstanding at the Moot Court Competition for Disability Rights that was held last week.

The event was held at Great Zimbabwe University GZU Herbert Chitepo Law School and four universities participated in the competition namely; Midlands State University (MSU), University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) and hosts Great Zimbabwe University (GZU). 

The best vocal student was Makomborero Muropa from GZU and ICODZim committed to pay school fees for 1 semester for him for his performance at the competition.

Rebecca Magosvogwe was the first runner up and the most vocal female and ICODZim will pay fees for her for two semesters.  

The hosts, GZU team Bravo were the winners, second position was MSU, Alpha team, third place was UZ team Charlie and last was team Delta from ZEGU.

Judges that were present were Justice Mawadze from Masvingo high court, Justice S Chirau, high court of Zimbabwe, lawyer and expert in moot competitions Rudo Magundani. 

The ICODZim Director, Talent Maposa said the moot competition was a platform to promote issues of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights SRHR.

She highlighted that women with disabilities are being sidelined and suffer from sexual violence and abuses. 

“Women with disabilities are being sidelined and are victims, most of the cases involving them, go unreported and their perpetrators go unpunished. Services should be user friendly for everyone, as this is also becoming a barrier for them in accessing health care facilities. The moot competition was therefore held to advocate for the rights of women with disabilities.

“We have to advocate for them as they often go unoticed. Communication is another barrier, there is need to have health facilities in Zimbabwe that have sign language interpreters and as well as Braille written materials,” she said.

In presence at the moot competition, Maria Murerwa said they are honored by the step that was taken by ICODZim to host the moot competition as it proves that there are people out there who care for them and are willing to advocate for their rights. 

“We need more of these as they prove to us that we also belong and we are part of the society, equality is being promoted and we hope through advocating, polices in the country will change,” she said

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