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Human Rights Forum Decries Partial Application Of Lockdown Rules

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By Own Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (The Forum) has urged the government to desist from the partial application of coronavirus lockdown regulations.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Kazembe Kazembe, The Forum said the selective application of the law will ultimately result in citizens losing respect in the law itself.

The Forum cited President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit on 25 February 2021 to Matebeleland for the Gwayi-Shangani pipeline ground-breaking ceremony and the commissioning of the Epping Forest boreholes in Nyamandlovu as one instance where lockdown regulations were flagrantly disregarded.

Hundreds of Zanu PF supporters gathered for the events without social distancing and in contravention of COVID-19 regulations.

Zanu PF also held a rally on 27 February 2021, in Ward 9. Gutu North where hundreds of people convened despite the ban on public meetings in terms of the national COVID-19 regulations prevailing at that time. The Forum wrote:

‘Despite the obvious health risks being posed to attendees in each and every gathering as acknowledged by the government itself, these acts result in the law losing its respect and raises concerns over the partial application of the law.

“Whilst government functionaries overlook clear provisions of the law without consequence, there has been on the other hand, numerous and widespread ruthless arrests of people who have been found to be in violation of the same,” reads the statement.

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance activists Joanna Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri are languishing in prison on allegations of violating lockdown regulations after they addressed a press conference in Harare recently.


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