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Hre Mayor warns council employees against abusing resources.

by BustopTV

By Paidashe Mandivengerei

Harare mayor, Herbert Gomba, Wednesday issued a stern warning to workers who abuse council resources, using them for personal errands.

Gomba said he had received several reports of council workers misusing fuel and vehicles to ferry their children to schools at the expense of the residents.

He went on to add that council workers who were not willing to follow rules and offer quality services to residents were free to ‘resign or retire’ from their jobs.

In a new year’s message from the mayor’s desk, Gomba said he would limit municipal costs just as he had promises when he assumed office.

“When I took office I promised to rein in on costs, unnecessarily causing the council to lose money through doing personal business, I have caught so many employees who are doing this and this time will be hard on management, which seems unable and unwilling to manage abuse in council according to me.

I know as schools open council fuel and cars will be used to ferry kids to various schools without permission, let me warn those intentionally planning this that your time in council will be up soon, this abuse will be stopped by me and the councillors, we must give value of money to our residents who toil each day to pay council through hard work.

I also want to be clear that in terms of section 274 (2) of the Zimbabwe constitution this council is managed by elected officials, whose mandate is delegated to management to do it according to policy, all those doubting us will see through time that they are lost.

Lastly please be good workers one who respects residents under the banner of “Residents first mantra “ ..come to work on time ,no to abuse of council facilities,no to abuse of sick letters from fake doctors,no to corruption in council markets ,be available to help our masters who are our residents,if you cannot please leave ,resign or retire ,it’s time we do good to our “promissory note we call contracts of employment “ ,stop doing private work in municipal properties or using municipal properties,this is our commitment to doing good to our city .

We must deliver a better ,habitable city to which all are happy to live in and attracts investors,this is meant to support our country’s and city’s transformation agenda ,we are in offices to work and nothing more ,we are also residents and face the same challenges as them ,no one must abdicate responsibilities on the basis of greed ,and deliberate ignorance to policy.”

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