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Highest Score by Enzo Ishall Lyrics

by BustopTV

Yaw yaw I walk the path cause I chose it let God lead the way

Mi seh mi want more so I gatta get more
Eagle born brave badda Dan dem crow
Hustling more as me pikini a grow
Hustling now like never before

Mi nah tell a lie mi nah wanna miss target.
Mi make sure If mi want it mi get it.
Fearless mi never settle fi less ca mi know weh me want.
Finally here,one thing weh mi gatta clear
A uno hear mi seh Fearless
Mi never settle fi less
Ca mi know weh mi want

Highest score
Inna reallife mi go aim fi di greatest gwan fi get dat best adi best

See some dem sad
Long time dem stay a step ahead
But me had to believe myself and just go ahead disappoint them ca dem wish me fi dead

Solid proof
Mi touch the sky dem cayn reach a roof
It’s okay but not yet enough
Though the times them hard and the turns them rough mi ah strive fi get


I want the bulls eye
Ready fi go high ready fi give it a try
Gather up all the strength I need
Seh mi a go plough then sow my seed

Let mi sing about courage
Dat mi Afi need ca mi want full package
A story dem a tell ina town and village
A seh a stallion him alone can manage
Ca dem head mi sing about




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