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Health care service providers warned against foreign currency.

by BustopTV

By Paidashe Mandivengerei

Government has today (Tuesday) threatened to withdraw licenses of medical practitioners and pharmacies charging health care service in foreign currency.

With the economic meltdown, a significant number of private health institutions and pharmacies across the country have pegged products in United States dollars in order to sustain their businesses.

This has left health care out of the reach of many as doctors in the affordable public hospitals have not reported for work in over two months.

Addressing journalists at a post-cabinet briefing at the Munhumutapa building, Information minister, Monica Mutsvangwa said charging goods in foreign currency was illegal and must be stopped immediately.

“Cabinet is concerned about doctors and pharmacies that are demanding payment for their services as well as for medicines in United States dollars.

“This practice is illegal and should be stopped forthwith.

“Those unwilling to comply with the laws of the country risk withdrawal of their licenses,” she said.

In October this year government introduced Statutory Instrument 142 which dedollarised the economy and made the local RTGS currency the sole legal tender in the country.

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