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Harare City Council to replace water meters

by Bustop TV News

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Harare City Council yes revealed plans to replace at least 7000 water meters around the capital city.

In a tweet council listed surburbs that have benefitted from this development.

“7000 water meters have been replaced so far and 8000 are in stock.

“2000 water meters in Glen View, 500 in Marimba, 2000 in Sunningdale, 500 in Belvedere and Ashdown Park 2000 replaced.”

This comes after the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Joram Gumbo, urged council to install water meters to ensure that residents pay their bills.

Gumbo had visited Morton Jaffray and Warren Park Control Pumpstation for a tour.

“I am keen to see action being taken to plug the water leakages that have bedevilled the city for many years.

“It is my humble submission that the city fathers should expedite the following, carry out a domestic water meter replacement programme, installation of prepaid water meters, attend to illegal water connections and replace obsolete primary and secondary water networks,” he said.

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