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Gvt calls for need to maintain negative Covid -19 environment

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – With six positive Covid -19 cases recorded in Masvingo Province yesterday, the current situation is showing that there is a possibility the province might have a negative environment an official said.

As of 14 March 2021 in Masvingo Province, 3positive cases were reported from Masvingo district, 2 from Mwenezi and Gutu recorded 1. Number of recovered cases was at 8, cumulative positive 2 364, recovered 2 272, deaths 66 and active cases 26.

In an interview with the Masvingo Covid-19 Taskforce member who is also spokesperson for the Ministry of Information and Publicity, Rodgers Irimayi said the province is aiming for zero cases. “We have 26 positive active cases in the province as of yesterday and we pray that the cases remain at 26 or decrease, we need to go to zero and this will all depend with our cooperation in the fight against Covid -19.

“The current situation is showing that we might have a very negative Covid -19 environment in the province,” he said.

The main worry has been attributed to the third strain that the whole world is talking about and it is now very worrisome so as a province there is need to keep on working hard towards achieving the zero positive cases. 

“The third strain is severe and there is so much fear around the third wave and it is even better if we remain at the 2nd strain. The vaccine should be taken seriously as prevention is better than cure. Even though people are still trying to understand issues around the vaccination people should shun away from what the social media is saying against the vaccine. It is a tricky situation to try to convince the people and have them learn about the vaccine and take it seriously, though now people are keen and want to know more around the vaccine and looking forward to the second phase of vaccination,” said Irimayi.

Irimayi emphasized on the issue of the relaxation of the lockdown measures by the President that is does not mean that Covid -19 is over and people should not act careless because of this. He added that people should stay at home as much as they can as this will help to avoid further transmission of the virus because if people relax, more deaths will result.

He also added that in the province, Chiredzi is the main hotspot.

“Chiredzi is the hotspot and this is due to the porous border entry points and these are also being used by illegal border jumpers flocking into the country and mixing with the people and not going into quarantine. We are trying by all means, carrying out awareness campaigns to curb the spread of the virus,” Irimayi said.

3 637 people were vaccinated in the province and second phase is to progress once the central government .

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