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Granny up for attempted murder

by Bustop TV News

By Romio Takundwa

A cheeky Rushinga granny is facing attempted murder charges after she allegedly axed a fellow villager who had reprimanded her for cutting down trees in his field.

Mashonaland Central Police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the incident  saying the suspect was expected to appear in court this week.

Insp Mundembe said that on the 5th of June this year, at around 1500 hrs, the suspect Eustina Gowe (52) of Kamukuyu Village under Chief Rusambo in Rushinga hatched a plan to go and look for firewood in the company of her daughter only identified as Linet.

They proceeded to Ruchiva Katanga field where on arrival, they started cutting down some trees using an axe. The complainant heard the accused chopping trees in his field before heading to the scene to investigate.

On arrival, he saw the accused who was in the company of her daughter cutting down trees without his consent and ordered them to stop.

Gowe who was armed with an axe did not take Katanga’s orders lightly before removing the axe from its handle and charged towards the complainant whom she allegedly struck on the head and on the right shoulder.

She was however restrained by some passing villagers but she went on to bite the man’s finger.

The matter was later reported to the police leading to Gowe’s arrest.

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