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Granny loses tooth in a fight with rapist

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

A 92 year old woman who is visually impaired from Chikwaya Village under Chief Chikwanda in Masvingo rural lost her front tooth in a fight with a rapist who spent the whole night raping her.

The woman is reported to have been kidnapped from her homestead by the alleged rapist who carried her into the bush where she was seen by school children who were passing by the following morning.

Masvingo Provincial Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula could not confirm the incident as no complaint has been reported relating to the case as of yet.

Sources who spoke of the incident said that the occurrence took place around 10pm on Sunday evening while she was sleeping together with her 11 year old granddaughter. As they were asleep, they heard the door being opened even though the door was held from inside with a log and a stone.

As the grandmother tried to find out what was taking place, she is reported to have been grabbed by the rapist  who lifted her up and disappeared into the dark night.

Villagers were alerted but efforts to find her were fruitless as they could not locate the old woman nor the perpetrator.

Another source who spoke to this reporter added that the old woman was later found by school children who were passing by, lying almost unconscious. She was instantly examined and no physical injury was noticed.

Upon regaining her consciousness, the old woman narrated her ordeal and indicated that she had been sexually abused and in the process lost her front tooth as she was trying to bite off the rapist but all in vain.

The old woman (name withheld) was then rushed to Masvingo General Hospital Monday morning as she had suffered from back pains and was complaining of pains from her private organ.

No arrest has been made and the old woman has since been released from the hospital.

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