Govt unveils 2021 school calendar

By Paidashe Mandivengerei

GOVERNMENT has revealed the school calendar for the year 2021 as students resume face to face learning.

The first school term for 2021 with the Grade Sevens, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level opening on the 15th of March.

The rest of the classes will open on the 22nd of March and close on the 4th of June.

Second term will commence on the 28th of June and end on the 10th of September.

The third term will begin on the 4th of October and end on the 17th of December and the first term of 2022 commences on the 10th of January.

Speaking to the media, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Cain Mathema said the terms have shorter holiday breaks to allow learners to catch up with their studies which were disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic that forced the closure of schools.

“The calendar has been carefully crafted, aimed at ensuring that learners catch up on the lost time while we are also aware that they need holidays in between.

“I want to thank everybody for playing their part in ensuring the pandemic is controlled. Covid-19 is still a threat and we need to remain vigilant. That is why we have put measures in place at all schools for a safe environment to avoid a spike in infections”.

He went on to urge teachers to play their role in ensuring that learners catch up with their lessons. Meanwhile teachers have declared incapacitation and are demanding safe working conditions and that salaries are reviewed upwards.

“Teachers are a very important stakeholders in the education sector and we prioritize them. We urge them to play their role as they have always been doing. We have lost a lot of time and it is important that learners can now properly resume their classes,” he said.