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Govt sends chilling warning to ‘deviant’ schools

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

GOVERNMENT has threatened to deregister schools that fail to comply with the 2021 official school calendar.

This follows claims that learning institutions under the Association of Trust Schools (ATS) have their own school calendar.

In a statement, Secretary for Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Tumisang Thabela said no school will be allowed to have a separate calendar.

“The Secretary has published the revised 2021 calendar and has not allowed any school to deviate from it.

“All schools are therefore expected to adhere to the 2021 school calendar announced by government.

“All well-meaning public and private schools including ATS schools should therefore abide by the Ministry’s 2021 school calendar.

“Any deviation from the above calendar will attract censorship with the sternest penalty being deregistration of the deviant school.

“Responsible authorities of schools are also advised to be guided by the set down Ministry procedures on the collection of school fees,” the statement reads.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education recently revealed the 2021 school calendar with the three exam classes opening on the 15th of March and the rest of the classes on the 22nd.

The first term will end on the 4th of June.

The second term will commence on the 28th of June and end on the 10th of September. 

The third term will run from the 4th of October until the 7th of December.

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